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Why should you use Subway Surfers Cheats? Ultimate method to generate coins and keys

subway surfers cheats

Love playing mobile games? Subway Surfers is that one thing you wouldn’t want to miss. It is an awesome game which will surely keep you glued to it. This games has maximum downloads on Android and iOS. And today, I am going to introduce you a special tool I found a few weeks ago – subway surfers cheats which will generate you tons of coins and key!

From the day I downloaded it, it excites and exhilarates me even more every time I start playing. Subway Surfers is developed by Kiloo and has a character called Jake who runs on the tracks, jumps over trains, bends under the stoppers and dodges trains in order to collect gold coins on the way. At first you begin at a slow pace and the speed increases gradually after every level that you cross. After collecting a decent number of coins, you exchange it for head starts, skate boards, gift box and many more things from the store. This helps you sustain in the game for longer time. The game ends once Jake gets hit by a train or any other obstacle on the way. Jake falls down and is taken away by a police man and his dog. You can save Jake even after he hits any barrier by using the shinning blue keys that you earn after a given time. The game has a daily mission like collecting XYZ number of gold coins or coining a word by grabbing the letters on the way and many more. By completing the missions you are able to skip a level. A level skip is also possible if you surrender some amount of gold coins from your kitty.

This is an adventure filled game and is addictive too. After a point of time, say after level 7 and 8 it becomes difficult to stay in the game because of its speed and complexity. The other day I was simply browsing about Subway Surfers online when I stumbled upon this website called I was seriously surprised to see what it offers. It opened a whole new plethora of fun and adventure for me. After all that I tried and tested, I am truly amazed at the results and therefore I want you to try it as well. Now, you no more have to shell your precious coins to earn more resources. There is a simple way to do that. Subway Surfers Cheats comes with not hundreds but thousands of keys and coins within a minute. To shock you further, it is free. How would you feel if you get to unlock all characters and resources available which otherwise would have taken you perhaps a century to do so. Amazing is what you would say for sure.

Be it Android or iOS, the cheats work wonderfully well. And yes be rest assured, it is virus free safe and therefore it won’t harm your smart phone in any way. Opting for this tool will help you get an edge over others for sure. Take a quick look at its features:

  1. Generate unlimited coins in a minute and grab maximum number of keys.
  2. Characters like Fresh, Frizzy, Dino, Spike, King, Yutani and many more are waiting to be unlocked by you. This tool helps you unlock all of them.
  3. You also get to unlock popular boards that will save you from losing the game.
  4. The cheats are undetectable as they use an anti-ban script.
  5. It is so user friendly that a kid can also use them.
  6. Most importantly it is free of cost and free from ads. So forget annoying ads.

subway surfers cheats

How does it work?

  1. Click on the online generator on the website mentioned
  2. You get redirected to a page where some special scripts add resources and features to your subway account.
  3. Punch in the user name and interestingly you choose the number of coins, characters and keys you want to unblock. The number o resources you specify, appear when you play the game.
  4. Hit the Generate Script button and you are all set to be a winner.

I am a delighted user and so is my family. It is worth a try. This tool is a champion’s best friend and if you kept wondering how all time scorers manage to score so much, here is the answer. Subway Surfers Cheats for android and ios helps you grow from a newbie player to becoming a master at it. So grab your chance now, enhance your productivity and show off your high scores to your friends and make them jealous.

Clash of Kings – Game Review


The Ultimate Multiplayer Gaming Experience – Provided by Clash of Kings

If you are into PVP games multiplayer games, you need to try this one out! Clash of Kings is the ultimate fantasy strategy aimed at providing the best in class real time multiplayer gaming experience. In this app, you get to control a kingdom you build from scratch and then expand it by conquering other kingdoms. This game has a large user base that keeps on increasing on a day to day basis. You are bound to love this game wherein you need to conquer kingdoms if you want to survive; friendly states are a myth!

The aim of the game Clash of Kings is to conquer larger chunks of territories and keep progressing in the world of fantasy kingdoms. You can play against friends and enemies from around the globe. Your target always stays to build a solid empire and defend it from the attacks of the invaders that try to break your empire. You need to be strong enough to resist invasion and keep winning enemies’ territories at the same time.


Clash of Kings is a game that is available as an Android, iOS and also as a Facebook game. So whether you are an Android user or you want to play it on your iPhone, iPad or laptop, you always have the liberty.

What popular reviews across the internet have to say about Clash of Kings?

This PVP adventure game Clash of Kings has it all that you possibly need in a multiplayer game. You get all the amazing graphics, numerous gameplay and customization options along with the option to play with friends online. This game has attracted the gamers a lot also because of the fact that it is completely free and playable even without any in-game purchases, but if you really want to get into the depth of the game and be the ultimate king, you can buy certain in-game items and boosters to help you climb up the ladder. The gameplay options are in plenty and you can employ numerous tactics to win over your rival’s territories and if you are of the friendly nature, this game might not be of your taste.

Recently, there have been numerous complaints about the game Clash of Kings being supportive of hackers who use unfair means to get success in the game. Also, the support hasn’t been quite impressive too and that has created a fury among the players who used to love this game or still love it. The latest updates have been rumored to introduce some glitches in the gameplay which is in the process of being resolved. Apart from these, the application offers many upgrade offers that may help you reach higher levels and get closer to becoming the king of the vast empire.

First game review –

Hello, I am Matthew from Netherlands. Today I am bringing you the first game review – this time about the game Agario. – fun, addicting and simple game to play is one of the best and easiest games I have come across. We all play on phones to have fun and avoid boredom. is more than just fun. It is very addicting and you just can’t get bored of this game ever. It has the easiest gameplay, so all the age groups can enjoy it. This is not a strategy based type of application. You do not have to think while you play it, this game fits in all your moods.

After this game we realize that gamers don’t really care about the graphics and strategies when it comes to having fun. does not need great graphics to work for them. It is the gameplay and the fun element which works. It exploded in popularity which brought success to it.

There are extremely positive reviews about this game from around the world. People enjoy to play this game thoroughly with the super easy concept. The popularity of it made which began on the PC ensures its mobile release. You can play it on the PC, Android and IOS based phones. This is the best time pass for a boring road journey or train journey. It also is a kind of stress releaser.


About the game gives us the simplest gameplay in recent times. It starts with controlling your cell. You have to swallow other smaller cells to get your cell bigger and simultaneously avoid cells bigger than yours as they can make your orb their food and swallow your cell. If your cell gets swallowed by another bigger cell, you will have to restart the game to play again. Players can change their cell’s appearance as per their choice. The bigger your cell gets, slower it will move.

To get your bigger cell faster, you can split your cells into two equal smaller cells, one of which will move in the direction of the cursor. Splitting can be used to attack smaller cells faster, escaping from being consumed by other bigger cells or moving faster around the map. Eventually, the split cells merge back into one cell.

Players can team up with other players by ejecting a small amount of mass to feed other bigger cells. Ejecting mass can also be used as a trick to get the enemies closer; once they are closer, the player can split cells and consume that cell. This game has easy tricks which can be used without giving much stress. So go ahead, download this game, play it whenever you want and say good bye to boredom.